क्या नाम से फर्क पड़ सकता है? - देव आनंद

क्या नाम से फर्क पड़ सकता है? की श्रृंखला में आपका स्वागत है नाम के अक्षर विभिन्न तत्वों के सदस्य हैं जैसे जल मण्डल , अग्नि मण्डल , पृथ्वी मण्डल  और वायु मण्डल । देव आनंद बहुमुखी व्यक्तित्व के धनी एक सफल अभिनेता और कलाकार थे। आज मैं उनके फिल्मी नाम देव और असली नाम धरमदेव दोनों का विश्लेषण करूंगा और जानूंगा कि उनके सफल करियर में उनके नाम का कोई योगदान है या नहीं। नाम देव  आनंद   -  देव शब्द में एक अक्षर वायु मण्डल से और एक अक्षर अग्नि मण्डल से। दोनों तत्व एक दूसरे के मित्र हैं अर्थात एक दूसरे की टांग नहीं खींचते और एक दूसरे की मदद करते हैं जिससे 1 + 1 = 11 हो जाता है। उपनाम आनंद - 1 अक्षर जल मंडल, 2 अक्षर वायु मंडल। अब वायु मंडल के कुल अक्षर 3 हुए (१ देव शब्द से और २ आनंद शब्द से) + अग्नि मंडल अक्षर 1 ( देव शब्द से )  =  कुल  मित्र अक्षर 4 और जल मंडल अक्षर 1 (आनंद शब्द से). अगर विरोधी समाज अनुपात 1 विभाजित 4 = 0.25 जो 0.33 जितना या उससे  कम है तो अल्पमत हार मान लेता है और विपरीत पक्ष का मित्र बन जाता है। अतः देव आनंद नाम के 5 अक्षर सही हैं। नाम धरमदेव  आनंद    -  धरमदेव शब्द  इस नाम में

Name validation using Mantra Vyakran Shashtra

This post is based on Indian Vyakaran Shashtra (Grammer Manual).

William Shakespeare once said "What's in the name?", However in this article I try to convey name matters.

Most of the people in India will know that their names are based on the sun signs also known as Rashis or Zodiac signs, each of which provides some unique alphabets which acts as a first character of the names to begin with along with other alphabets. These alphabets can be from any of 16 swars (vowels) and 33 vyanjans (consonants) from Sanskrit which is the ancient language from India and uses devnagiri lipi or script. These 49 alphabets or akshars are called Akshar Brahm or Shabda Brahm in Hinduism and are called Shrut Akshar in Jainism.

One of the reasons for a person or a company or a division or a department or a product or a service or a campaigns not to succeed in spite of best efforts and resources being put into it, could be because of the way they are being named.

All names consists of Characters also known as Akshars or Alphabets. According to Indian Vyakran Shashtra (Grammer Manual) These alphabets belong to different categories of elements or Mandals like Water (Jal Mandal), Air (Vayu Mandal), Fire (Agni Mandal), and Earth (Prithvi Mandal). The Vyakran Shashtra also talks of likely qualities of a person based on which element that is dominating in the name based on the alphabets of the name like Advanced Knowledge Studies and Philosophy, Leadership and Bravery, Business oriented, Job oriented.

Some of these elements or Mandals are friendly to each other like Water and Earth elements are friendly to each other while Fire and Air elements are friendly to each other. Friendly elements alphabets in a name help each other, Some elements are opposed to each other like Water element is opposed to Fire element. Air element is not friendly to Earth element. If a name consists of opposing sides of elements, alphabets try to pull each other down with certain exceptions. This prevents alphabets in the name from working as a team and impacts the push or impetus that is required from the given name(s).

This may be one of the possible causes or reasons for failure of a person or a company or a division or a department or a product or a service or a campaigns.

Disclaimer Note – This subject is of Faith or Trust. There is no assurance that every entity using this will get their desired outcome.

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