क्या नाम से फर्क पड़ सकता है? - देव आनंद

क्या नाम से फर्क पड़ सकता है? की श्रृंखला में आपका स्वागत है नाम के अक्षर विभिन्न तत्वों के सदस्य हैं जैसे जल मण्डल , अग्नि मण्डल , पृथ्वी मण्डल  और वायु मण्डल । देव आनंद बहुमुखी व्यक्तित्व के धनी एक सफल अभिनेता और कलाकार थे। आज मैं उनके फिल्मी नाम देव और असली नाम धरमदेव दोनों का विश्लेषण करूंगा और जानूंगा कि उनके सफल करियर में उनके नाम का कोई योगदान है या नहीं। नाम देव  आनंद   -  देव शब्द में एक अक्षर वायु मण्डल से और एक अक्षर अग्नि मण्डल से। दोनों तत्व एक दूसरे के मित्र हैं अर्थात एक दूसरे की टांग नहीं खींचते और एक दूसरे की मदद करते हैं जिससे 1 + 1 = 11 हो जाता है। उपनाम आनंद - 1 अक्षर जल मंडल, 2 अक्षर वायु मंडल। अब वायु मंडल के कुल अक्षर 3 हुए (१ देव शब्द से और २ आनंद शब्द से) + अग्नि मंडल अक्षर 1 ( देव शब्द से )  =  कुल  मित्र अक्षर 4 और जल मंडल अक्षर 1 (आनंद शब्द से). अगर विरोधी समाज अनुपात 1 विभाजित 4 = 0.25 जो 0.33 जितना या उससे  कम है तो अल्पमत हार मान लेता है और विपरीत पक्ष का मित्र बन जाता है। अतः देव आनंद नाम के 5 अक्षर सही हैं। नाम धरमदेव  आनंद    -  धरमदेव शब्द  इस नाम में

Next 20 days Outlook of SPX based on Patterns from Historical Price Data as on Dec-29-2023

 Patterns based prediction 

Every data contains patterns based on which it is possible to predict the expected movement of the market. Here I am trying to derive expected movement of SPX in next 20 trading session which will be approx 1 month timeframe from the day it is evaluated. 

This blog is like central repository for me that I can refer in future to see how my research of the subject is progressing. Please don't use it for your trading. See the disclaimer below.

Next 20 days Outlook of SPX based on Patterns from Historical Price Data as on Dec-29-2023

1. The historical price data as on Dec-29-2023 is matching the pattern with  Dec-20-1985. SPX had appreciated 1.72%, corrected -3.05% and closed -2.44% from the opening levels of Dec-21-1985.

2. While the first pattern is more close to the EOD data of 29-Dec-2023, There is one more pattern which matches is from May-05-1995. SPX had appreciated 3.39%, corrected -0.59% and closed 2.98% from opening levels of May-06-1995

While there are minor supports in between, Next major support is between 4640-4680 levels. The minor resistance at 4800 levels.

Note - 

1, If Prediction is pointing towards high, and market opens high next day then check the risk reward else avoid such trade. Same for opposite side.

2. Why sometimes system parameters provides two predictions on opposite sides?

Such scenario happens for different reasons (1) Weekly or monthly expiry has happened but complete rollover has not happened on the expiry day but operator has planned it for next trading day (2) Global uncertainties, when large players want to wait for overnight developments and then decide on direction to take.  (3) Sideways Markets.

3. Global Uncertainties and events like US FOMC meets etc  could cause some disruption. 

4. Why some of the expiries miss the predicted direction?

There is not much premium left due to premium decay near expiry so market may take opposite direction of prediction. Sometimes it takes direction based on next expiry data.

5. Instead of using my predictions for trading, use it as second opinion to supplement to your own analysis. 

6. Sometimes Market will continue to go higher even though the data is pointing lower levels. Please refer below post for explanation for the same.


Disclaimer - This is not a investment or trading advice / recommendation. It does not look at Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis. It is based on quantitative approach using Predictive Analytics. The outcome could be prone to data issues or calculation issues. This post is for information purpose only.  I don't charge or offer any paid service. The higher probability percentage or ranking does not guarantee the actual outcome to be matching with that of predicted outcome. I am not SEBI registered. For more details on Probability Analysis refer the FAQ in link below https://www.marketprobabilityinsights.com/p/what-is-probability-analysis.html         

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